Khao Soi, Chiang Mai Curry Noodles

L and I went to Chiang Mai for our Honeymoon/L’s 40th Birthday in 2013. We stayed around the corner from the town center in a dingy little hotel that was walking distance from town. The food highlight for me in Chiang Mai (or perhaps for the entire trip) was this little place that sold Boat Noodle Soups and Chiang Mai Curry Noodles. We paid about $1.80 for a serve of soup but I would have gladly paid ten times that amount for these soups. The first version I had was a crispy pork noodle soup, I say first version because I ended up insisting we go back numerous times during our stay for a noodle ‘snack’. L had a Chiang Mai Curry Noodles with Chicken, which was incredible. I haven’t had anything in Sydney even close to matching this. Anyhow Christmas came along and L requested a copy of David Thompson’s Thai Street Food. I’m more than happy to get L cookbooks as presents, I honestly think of it as a present to myself as I’m the one who ends up getting delicious meals cooked for me.
Thompson’s book is beautiful and has some incredible recipes in it but they are far too much work for me. I mean the idea of wrangling two children who always seem to want to be near me when I’m in the kitchen. J clutching at my leg and Miss Bear having near misses with the stove, it just turns into an event where food is smeared all over my shirt, I’m sweating and yelling at everyone. Plus after all the effort all I feel like consuming is a large glass of wine not a meal. Clearly I wouldn’t survive a second in a commercial kitchen. Anyhow I digress, these are the recipes that L excels at, the kind that insists that you roast each aromatic individually, the kind I would skim over and go nope. Luckily they are the meals I love having cooked for me.


David Thompson’s, Thai Street Food




At this stage things are starting to smell pretty good.

Final touches

The final result.
I think the photo speaks for itself but I mean seriously this was hands down the best dish L has ever cooked for me. Something I’d expect to get from Spice I Am and if it wasn’t such an ordeal to prepare I’d be requesting this dish regularly.So if you’re into epic sessions in the kitchen and comforting spicy Thai soups this is for you.

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