Philip Seymour Hoffman

Giddy reaction to a sighting of Philip Seymour Hoffman at Fool For Love at the Belvoir on Saturday night.THE BIG LEBOWSKI (1998) - BRANT CAPOTE (2005) - TRUMAN CAPOTEMAGNOLIA (1999) - PHIL PARMAHAPPINESS (1998) - ALLENTHE TALENTED MR RIPLEY (1999) - FREDDIE MILESPUNCH DRUNK LOVE (2002) - DEAN TRUMBELL


Shuster the artist behind the creation of Superman, was also the artist behind mob funded underground fetish comic series 'The Nights of Horror'. There are rumors that there is a film adaptation now being planned about the copy cat crime sprees committed by juvenile gang Brooklyn Thrill Killers. Secret Identity was recently released, a book... Continue Reading →

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